Things you need to know

  • What your child has enjoyed doing.
  • Who your child has enjoyed playing with.
  • What they have eaten.
  • If they have had a sleep.
  • Any other general comments.

Throughout the year we will send questionnaires out to parents for feedback, ideas and comments.

If your child has misplaced any items of clothing please check our lost property box, which is situated in our reception area.

Complaints procedure:

Bright Steps Day Nursery will endeavour to provide an environment that is appropriate for you and your child. We will work in partnership with you and welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have with regards to the nursery or your child. The nursery has an open door policy to welcome you in at ail times.

It is the responsibility of all managers to ensure that ail parents/carers have access to this procedure in the result of any dissatisfaction with the service that is offered to them.

The following procedures apply:

  • In the first instance you would discuss any concerns you may have with the individual member of staff caring for your child.
  • If you are not satisfied after doing so you will then be referred to the nursery manager, deputy or supervisor, who will endeavour to deal with the situation immediately.
  • In the event of an unsatisfactory solution being reached at this stage you can be referred to the Directors. This referral can either be through a letter or by personal request. An appointment will then be made for a meeting at a mutually agreed time.

All complaints are confidential and all information is recorded.

In the circumstances where you wish to take the matter further you can write or contact the Directors at:

33A Bexley Road,
Erith, Kent,
DA8 1SH.

Telephone: 01322 33 7022 or 075 0233 3714.

The Directors will acknowledge receipt of the referral and make arrangements for all evidence to be heard. They will then make a decision that will be final.

As our nursery is registered with Ofsted you are also able to contact the team responsible for London with any concerns you have about the service we offer. They can be contacted at:

Early Years
Telephone: 03001231231

If you have any comments or suggestions, or simply wish to discuss your child’s care we would like to solve any problems or issues you may have quickly, amicably and professionally.