Our Staff

Staffing Philosophy
Our staffs are selected very carefully, not only for their qualifications and experience but also for their love of children. We understand that continuity of care for the children is paramount and for that reason we are totally committed to promoting staff loyalty. There is nothing worse for a child’s development at nursery than to experience constantly changing faces due to staff turnover.

Our Ratios
Our staff to child ratio is guided by the Ofsted regulations for nursery age children as follows:

Under 2 years     1:3
2 years                1:4
Over 2 years       1:8

At Bright Steps Day Nursery, it is our policy to operate at more than the statutory minimum at all times. A qualified and experienced member of staff cares for each group of children.

The Early Years Foundation Stage requires the person in charge of a nursery and the deputy to have an appropriate level 3 qualification or qualified teacher status that specialise in the early years. In addition, at least half of the remaining staff must hold an appropriate level 2 qualification.

Our policy is to exceed statutory requirements, encouraging staff to develop their qualifications and to attend courses in areas such as special needs, equal opportunities and behaviour management. We expect all staff to obtain First Aid and Food Hygiene qualifications within six months of appointment, and to keep these up to date.

Key Worker System
The purpose of our key worker system is to:

· Ensure that all children receive consistent and continual care in all aspects of their development.

· Provide an environment where children can fee! safe and secure and also gain confidence in themselves and others.

The planning carried out will be to:
· Assess the needs of individual key children.

· Devise written short and medium term plans in conjunction with the nurseries curriculum.

· Allow written plans to inform individual development needs.

The key worker’s role is to:
· Ensure that the health and well-being of the child is considered with utmost importance, and that individual caring and development needs are met.

· Ensure that parents are kept informed of all aspects of their child’s care and

· Ensure the implementation of ail short and medium term plans.

· Ensure a smooth and positive settling process for all individual children, when
changing rooms and key worker.